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eronwood Enterprises offers clients a full range of writing and editorial services. Owner Cheryl MacDonald is an experienced professional writer who has written, co-authored or edited nearly 40 books on Canadian history. Her articles have appeared in Harrowsmith, Canadian Living, The Beaver, the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, New York Daily News and other publications. She wrote a weekly heritage column for the Simcoe Times-Reformer from the mid-1980s to 2012, now writes a column for the Haldimand Press and in 1992 was one of a team of Canadian writers who contributed to the best-selling book Chronicle of Canada.


Try your luck at winning a free copy of each of my forthcoming books, Canada Under Attack and Colonel Nichol and the Murdered Maiden. No purchase necessary - just register on Goodreads. Once you've done that, search for my name or the book titles and enter the free giveaways. Contest runs until September 1, and winners' books should be in the mail by September 3.



Latest Book!  Canada Under Attack

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the Fenian invasions of Canada, including the Fenian victories at the Battle of Ridgeway and a skirmish at Fort Erie. To mark the occasion, I've done a book for James Lorimer's Amazing Stories series, Canada Under Attack, which is scheduled for publication August 11. Canada Under Attacks looks at five Fenian invasions, starting in New Brunswick in 1866 and includes two Fenian victories in Ontario at Ridgeway and Fort Erie, in early June of that year.

Members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Fenians were determined to free Ireland from British rule and thought of Canada as a potential bargaining chip. Many of the 1866 invaders were battle-hardened veterans of the American Civil War and among the most experienced troops in the world at the time. Although Canadians had been fearing threats for years, preparations for defence were inadequate. Complicating matters were fears that, because of troubled diplomatic relations between Britain and the United States, the American authorities would not intervene -- and might actually welcome the conquest of Canada! In many ways, the Fenians sparked the same paranoia in Canadians as Muslim terrorists do in post-9/11 North America.

Along with looking at the individual raids, the book covers the origin of Fenians,  the first attempts at creating Canadian naval defences,the trials of Fenian prisoners and the impact the invasions had on Canadian Confederation.

The book will be widely available in bookstores, from Amazon and from the publisher. To find out more or to order the book, visit James Lorimer's website.

Debut Novel!

 Mystery and the War of 1812 combine in Colonel Nichol and the Murdered Maiden. The story takes place in the summer of 1812 and opens near Port Dover, on the north shore of Lake Erie as General Isaac Brock leaves for Detroit  to repulse invading Americans. Most of the book’s action takes place near Amherstburg and Windsor, where, on the eve of the Battle of Detroit, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Nichol is asked to look into the murder of a young woman. What he turns up in his investigation may affect the fate of the entire province, tipping the balance of power in favor of the invading Americans.

Robert Nichol was a real person, MLA for Norfolk from 1812 to 1824 and quartermaster-general of militia for Upper Canada during the War of 1812.    Fictionalized versions of a number of other historic characters also feature in the novel, including Isaac Brock, John Norton, John Brant, Tecumseh, and Samuel Jarvis. But many of the situations and characters are totally fictional, including  Nichol’s trusted companion, Wallace, who narrates the book. Wallace is a young man of mixed black and white ancestry whose powers of observation inform Nichol’s investigations.

Colonel Nichol and the Murdered Maiden is currently available as an e-book from both Amazon and Kobo. The paperback will be out by August 15th and will be sold through Amazon, Heronwood Enterprises, and select local retailers in Haldimand and Norfolk, including The Book Factory, Simcoe; Eva Brook Donly Museum, Simcoe; Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum, Cheapside; The Neat Little Bookshop, Cayuga; and Haldimand County Museum, Cayuga.

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